A northern wind slowly blew unto Castle Grey as a fresh blanket of snow covered it's ramparts and courtyards in winter's embrace. A barely perceptible rustling of fallen and now dried leaves could be heard, and the smell of cold stone and decayed wood filled the air.

It has been 200 years since Castle Grey's occupants had mysteriously disappeared, and investigations had long ago ceased. Now, history and old tale have turned to myth and legend, and there are but a few who remember the days of old when Castle Grey was a landmark and banner of Valanon. Days of old before strange sights and sounds could occasionally be heard coming from the old forest of Blackland where Castle Grey lay. 

The townsfolk of the quiet hamlet of Leafdale are slow to change and even slower to believe in strange tales. Now, strange men and beasts with empty eyes and empty faces have been seen passing through on their way to the Blackland, some on the road, others wandering aimlessly. Everyone agreed that something must be done, as nothing of the sort had ever happened here, not in Leafdale. Putting together what little the townsfolk could afford, they sent a letter to the King of Valanon, asking for help in ridding the northern lands of these strangers. 

Will anyone answer the call for aid? Only time will tell, and time they had precious little of, little did they know.

Castle Grey